Do Opossums Make Good Pets?

Can possums be litter box trained?

Whether you’ve just adopted a short tailed or a Virginia opossum as a pet, you can train your opossum to use a litter box.

Both opossum species are clean animals and both tend to choose designated areas to defecate and urinate.

These qualities make litter box training easier to accomplish..

What is the possums favorite food?

The possum menu consists of dead animals, insects, rodents and birds. They also feed on eggs, frogs, plants, fruits and grain. A little known fact about a possum’s diet is their need for high amounts of calcium. Due to this fact, possums readily eat the skeletal remains of rodents and other roadkill animals.

Do possums eat cats?

Fortunately, possums are not out looking for your cat when they scrounge for food. While possums (technically opossums, but more commonly referred to by their shortened name) are omnivores and could theoretically kill and eat a housecat or dog, these common backyard visitors are more focused on easier prey.

What can you not feed a possum?

Do not feed the opossum meat without bones. When an opossum eats a prey, it consumes the entire animal, bones and all. Commercial cat and dog food alone are not adequate diets for opossums but will provide a balanced dietary staple and help prevent diet-related disorders.

How do you take care of a pet opossum?

You will need at least a 20 gallon home furnished with a nesting box, soft nesting material, an exercise wheel and branches to climb on. Keep the humidity at about 50 percent so your opossum does not get painfully dry skin. Locate your opossum’s home in a quiet and safe place.

Do opossums smell bad?

They usually don’t smell horrible. They smell about what you can imagine an animal living in the woods (or under a porch) to smell like. They may smell bad only under certain circumstances.

Will possums kill cats?

In theory, a possum can kill a house cat. … All in all, opossums generally stick to themselves. They are scavengers, and they don’t actively hunt any large animals to kill and eat. However, as you can see in the above photograph, if an opossum is forced into a difficult situation, it can be aggressive and attack.

What’s the difference between a possum and an opossum?

Here’s a tip: Opossums and possums are different animals. Opossums live in North America, while possums live in Australia and other countries. Both animals are marsupials, but possums are more closely related to kangaroos.

Do Possum make good pets?

If they are being kept as pets, they could become overweight and potentially unhealthy. In addition, opossums are solitary animals and may not get along with other animals. If you have existing pets (e.g., dog, cat), an opossum may not be a great addition.

Can you domesticate a possum?

It’s illegal to keep them without a wildlife rehabilitation permit, though, and once they’re old enough to survive on their own, healthy possums can, and should, be released. They’re wild animals who don’t fare well often in captivity. Trying to transform a possum into a pet can be expensive and heartbreaking.

Are opossums affectionate?

Opossums are just as sweet as can be when you give them a chance. You might associate them with trash—they love scrounging for it at night—but they really are quite affectionate. This cutie can’t help but curl up inside the palm of her favorite human friend.

Do opossums stink?

In some ways opossums have it easy. … As part of their performance fit for Hollywood, possums feigning death even emit a stench, pooping out “extra green smelly mucus,” according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.