Question: How Do I Download My ST 3 Service Tax Return?

How do I download st3?


Go to and select download.


Under Service Tax, download ST3 Return Excel Utility (for quarter Apr-Jun 2012)..

How can I revise my service tax return?

Select your email service As per Rule 7B of the Service Tax Rules 1994, an assessee may file a service tax revised return in triplicate in Form ST 3 to correct the mistake or omission, within a period of 90 days from the date of submission of Return under Rule 7.

Can we file service tax return now?

Every registered service tax assessee has to file service tax return in form ST-3 on a half-yearly basis before the due date to avoid penalty. For filing returns for the period April-September, the due date is October 25, while for October-March it is April 25.

What happens if service tax return is not filed?

If an assessee has not filed his or her service tax return, then a late payment fee of Rs 500 will be charged for the initial 15 days of delay. If an assessee has not filed his or her service tax return, then a late payment fee of Rs 1,000 will be charged for delays ranging from 15 to 30 days.

How can I know my service tax return filed or not?

Click on ‘Service Tax’ from the homepage and sign in to your account. If you have filed for any refund and the reimbursement is approved by the department, you will be able to see the ‘Check Status’ option and track your refund using your acknowledgement number from the refund request created by you earlier.

How can I check my service tax registration number online?

Go to the website of Central Board of Excise and Customs. Enter the code of 15 digits and clear the step of image verification. Both service tax assessees and central excise assessees can be found by this method….Assessee Verification Steps for Service Tax Registration:Address of Assessee.Name of Assessee.Location Code.

How do I view st3 returns online?

The status of the XML file of ST-3 return uploaded by the assessee can be ascertained after one business day of uploading the return by accessing ‘RET > e-filing > view XML status’. 34. Revised ST-3 return can be filed within a period of 90 days from the date of filing the original return.

What is st3 in service tax?

It is a self assessed statutory document notified by the Central Board of Excise and Customs which functions under the Ministry of Finance for the service providers to enable them to declare the value of taxable services provided or received by them and the taxes paid by them for the same. 2.

How do I download old service tax returns?

The Offline Excel utility for filing half-yearly Service Tax return (ST 3) for the period 1st October, 2012 to 31st March, 2013 is now available in ACES. The same can be downloaded from It can also be accessed from ‘DOWNLOADS’ section of ACES website,

Can service tax return be filed now?

The service tax return is required to be filed under Section 70 of the Act read with rule 7 of the Rules, by ‘any person liable to pay the service tax’. This return is required to be filed on a half yearly basis, in Form ST-3.

How do I apply for GSTP exam?

The applicant must login to nacin. online to register for the GSTP exam. Once the candidate logs onto the examination registration portal, he is required to provide GST enrolment number and PAN. Thus, after the candidate log in successfully, the application form will appear on the screen.