Question: How Do I Open A Standby Database In Read Only Mode?

How do I change my primary standby database?

Perform the following steps on the old primary database:Issue the following statement on the old primary database: SQL> ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO PHYSICAL STANDBY; …

Shut down and restart the database: SQL> SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE; SQL> STARTUP MOUNT;.

What is restricted session in Oracle?

Only database administrators should have the RESTRICTED SESSION system privilege. Further, when the instance is in restricted mode, a database administrator cannot access the instance remotely through an Oracle Net listener, but can only access the instance locally from the machine that the instance is running on.

Why is my database read only?

First make sure that the folder in which your . mdf file resides is not read only. If it is, un-check that option and make sure it reflects to folders and files within that folder. Once that is done, Open Management Studio, in the Object Explorer right click on the Database which is read only and select Properties.

How do I know if my standby database is primary?

You can use the DGMGRL show configuration and show database database_name commands to confirm the Data Guard Standby database configuration before enabling a standby database. Here is how you enable your primary and standby databases using the DGMGRL command: DGMGRL> enable configuration; Enabled.

How do I connect my primary standby database?

Primary Server SetupLogging. Check that the primary database is in archivelog mode. … Initialization Parameters. Check the setting for the DB_NAME and DB_UNIQUE_NAME parameters. … Service Setup. … Backup Primary Database. … Create Standby Controlfile and PFILE. … Copy Files. … Start Listener. … Restore Backup.More items…

How do I change my database from read only mode in Oracle?

Answer: You can make a read only user and make read only tablespaces but you can also make the entire database read-only with an alter command. ORACLE instance started. SQL> alter database open read only; Database altered.

How do I change standby database from protected mode?

Use the following command to change protection mode. SQL> ALTER DATABASE SET STANDBY DATABASE TO MAXIMIZE AVAILABILITY; Database altered. Now, open database.

How do I drop a restore point in standby database?

FLASHBACK DATABASE TO GUARANTEED RESTORE POINTStop redo transport and redo apply. … Shutdown Primary Database and start in mount state.Flashback primary database to restore point. … Shutdown Standby database and start in mount state.Flashback standby database. … Enable redo transport and redo apply.

What is sync and async in dataguard?

The synchronous log transport mode is required for the Maximum Protection and Maximum Availability data protection modes. LogXptMode = (‘ASYNC’): Conversely, asynchronous mode (ASYNC) allows updates (DML) to be committed on the primary server before the log file arrives on the standby servers.

How do you put a database in restricted mode?

Placing Open Database In Restricted Mode If you do not want to shutdown the database, there is an ALTER SYSTEM command you can use to place the database in restricted mode. SQL> alter system enable restricted session; The downside to this method is that users already connected to the database will not get disconnected.

How do I open a standby database when the primary database is lost?


How do I open a database in read write mode?

You can also open a database in read/write mode as follows: ALTER DATABASE OPEN READ WRITE; However, read/write is the default mode.

How do I change my database from read only mode?

Right click on Database, select Properties. And in the Database Properties window, select Options page. In Options page, under State change Database Read Only value to False.

How can I tell if my database is in restricted mode?

SQL> Select logins from v$instance; If the database is restricted mode then it will return RESTRICTED otherwise it will return ALLOWED.

How do I switch from primary to standby database using Dgmgrl?

Data Guard switchover with dgmgrlEnsure SPFILE is used. … Verify dmon process is running and broker parameters viz. … Check if LOCAL_LISTENER is set(This is needed only if you are non-default port other than 1521) … Verify if GLOBAL_DBNAME in listener.ora is set correctly to. … Verify if START_OPTIONS is set to MOUNT in the OCR.More items…

How do I resolve ORA 16000 database open for read only?

How do I fix the ORA-16000 error? Cause: The database has been opened for read-only access. Attempts to modify the database using inappropriate DML or DDL statements generate this error. Action: In order to modify the database, it must first be shut down and re-opened for read-write access.

What is difference between maximum protection and maximum availability?

MAXIMUM AVAILABILITY protection mode The setup of maximum availability protection is the same as maximum protection. In MAXIMUM AVAILABILITY mode, the primary database does not halt if it cannot transmit redo data to at least one participating standby database.

What is the default protection mode in dataguard?

A Data Guard configuration always runs in one of three data protection modes (also called as redo transport rules): Maximum Protection. Maximum Availability. Maximum Performance (default mode of operation)