Question: How Do You Select Multiple Lines In Sublime?

How do you select multiple lines in VS code Mac?

Mac: Multi-Cursor ShortcutsMac: Shift + Cmd + L.

Select a word and press Shift + Cmd + L to select all instances of your selection.Shift + Alt/Option + I.

Select a bunch of lines, then Shift + Alt/Option + I will put a cursor at the end of every selected line.Cmd + Option + Shift + UP/DOWN (ARROW) …

Alt/Option + Click..

How do you write multiple lines in Visual Studio?

1) of Visual Studio code you can edit multiple lines: var donut 1 = “glazed”; var donut 2 = “chocolate frosted”; var donut 3 = “cinnamon”; go to each location (ie to the right side of the last character ) and hit “Alt” + “spacebar” . It will insert a ” | “.

How can you select multiple lines of text using both mouse and keyboard?

Click where you want to begin the selection, hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the pointer over the text that you want to select. Double-click anywhere in the word. Move the pointer to the left of the line until it changes to a right-pointing arrow, and then click.

How do you select multiple lines in Vscode?

Just press Alt + mouse left click on the lines you want to select. This will let you select multiple lines at once and let you edit them.

How do you edit multiple lines in Word?

What you do put your cursor where you want to add a character on a line, then use SHIFT+ALT and either the arrow keys or your mouse (you have to click to the same column position the line that you are selecting to) to select all the lines that you want to edit the same way.

How do you select all words in VS code?

I’m glad those days are over because VS code provides a Change All Occurrences feature. You can select any group of text as your selection and if there are more than one occurrences of that selection, you can select and modify all occurrences at once by pressing Ctrl + F2 (Mac: Control + F2 ).

How do you select multiple lines in Word?

How to select multiple parts of the text?Hold Ctrl while making the selection in the usual way.Release all keys.Place cursor at the beginning of the next desired selection.Hold Ctrl while making the selection in the usual way.Release all keys.

How do you select multiple lines of text in Chrome?

– When selecting separate words throughout a web page, you can double-click while holding ctrl instead of dragging to select. – When making overlapping selections, ctrl+z will remove the combined selection. – Selections are sent to the clipboard and searched in the order they are selected.

How do you select multiple things in Word?

Select multiple objects. Press and hold Shift or Ctrl while you select the objects. Select an object that is under other objects and cycle forward through the stack of objects. Select the top object, and then press Tab.

How do you type multiple lines at once?

You can also select multiple lines at a time using a mouse. Alt+dragging selects an area that’s split into each line. This works great if the lines have the desired content at the same character positions, or if you’re wanting to only select the longer lines.

How do you select all words in sublime?

Select all instances of a word ↩Place your cursor somewhere in or next to the word you wish to select.Press Alt-F3 (Windows or Linux) or Command+Ctrl+G (Mac OS X) to highlight every instance of the word in the document.Type to replace the selected words with your changes.