Question: Is A Work Package A Deliverable?

What’s another word for deliverables?

What is another word for deliverable?outputproductresultachievementgainrealisationUKrealizationUSyield.

What are the key characteristics of a work package?

A work package is generally decided on due to the following characteristics they have in common:Nature of work involved (e.g. marketing, programming, etc.)Outcomes of the tasks.Geographical location where tasks take place.Time when tasks will be completed.Technology or materials that will be used.More items…•

Can something be a deliverable and a work package at the same time?

You know you have a work package when you can’t break a deliverable down into further sub-deliverables or tangible project outcomes. A work package is a way to both understand cost and duration and easily manage those things. … Completion of work packages can be dependencies for other work packages.

What is the difference between a work product and a deliverable?

“Work product” and “deliverable” are two management terms used to describe different parts of the same project. A work product includes the beginning stages of a project, proposals, agendas, reports, analysis and information on the project. A deliverable, on the other hand, is the end result of the project.

What are the 7 processes of prince2?

There are 7 processes within the PRINCE2 methodology:Starting up a project.Directing a project.Initiating a project.Controlling a stage.Managing product delivery.Managing a stage boundary.Closing a project.

What is the least level of WBS?

Work packages”Work packages are the lowest level of the WBS and are pieces of work that are specifically assigned to one person or one team of people to be completed.” “The WBS Dictionary describes each component of the WBS with milestones, deliverables, activities, scope,and sometimes dates, resources, costs, and quality.”

What is the lowest level of WBS?

work package levelThe work package level is the lowest level of a work breakdown structure (WBS). The WBS is developed during the “Create WBS” planning / scope process.

What is included in a WBS?

WBS is a hierarchical and incremental decomposition of the project into phases, deliverables and work packages. It is a tree structure, which shows a subdivision of effort required to achieve an objective; for example a program, project, and contract.

What are examples of project deliverables?

Some examples of process deliverables are:Statement of work.Work breakdown structure.Project scope statement.Project governance plan.

What are the key deliverables of a project?

A project is only complete when the deliverable is accepted or signed off. The key deliverables are the main goal, tangible or intangible, has been accomplished — or the many key deliverables set in the timeline along the way. These are the pieces most sought after and used by the client.

What is a work package in prince2?

Work Packages are a way for the Project Manager to group work activities together and assign work to a team or Team Manager to produce one or more products. A Work Package is therefore a set of information about one or more required products.

What is the difference between work package and deliverable?

A deliverable is a tangible outcome that gives satisfaction to one or more project stakeholders. Work packages are smallest deliverable in a project. They are reside at the lowest level of a WBS.

What are two types of deliverables?

Usually, deliverables are categorized into two types, i.e., internal deliverables and external deliverables.

What are the 7 principles of prince2?

The 7 PrinciplesContinued Business Justification. A project must make good business sense. … Learn from Experience. Project teams should take lessons from previous projects into account. … Define Roles and Responsibilities. … Manage by Stages. … Manage by Exception. … Focus on Products. … Tailor to the Environment.

What are work deliverables?

The term deliverables is a project management term that’s traditionally used to describe the quantifiable goods or services that must be provided upon the completion of a project. Deliverables can be tangible or intangible in nature.