Question: What Is An Example Of Ingestion?

Does ingest mean eat?

The definition of ingest is to consume or absorb food or information.

When you eat a cookie, this is an example of when you ingest the cookie..

What happens during ingestion?

Ingestion is the process of taking in food through the mouth. In vertebrates, the teeth, saliva, and tongue play important roles in mastication (preparing the food into bolus). While the food is being mechanically broken down, the enzymes in saliva begin to chemically process the food as well.

What is another word for ingestion?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ingest, like: eat, swallow, take, devour, partake, chow, break-bread, have (or take) a bite, mouth, ingestion and absorb.

What is another word for time consuming?

time-wasting, laborious, tedious, cumbersome, protracted, long, burdensome, slow, long-winded, slow-moving, onerous, sluggish, long-drawn-out, long-term, expensive, extensive, painful.

Which organ is responsible for ingestion?

Ingestion. The first function of the digestive system is ingestion, or the intake of food. The mouth is responsible for this function, as it is the orifice through which all food enters the body. The mouth and stomach are also responsible for the storage of food as it is waiting to be digested.

What does inhalation mean?

Inhalation is the process or act of breathing in, taking air and sometimes other substances into your lungs. [formal]

What do you mean by ingestion?

n. The act of taking food and drink into the body by the mouth. The taking in of particles by a phagocytic cell.

How do you use ingest in a sentence?

Ingest sentence examples”You have to ingest that stuff; not just sleep in a room where they’re potted,” he complained. … fusca show that the insect is able to ingest considerably more than (sometimes more than twice) its own weight of blood, which would appear to be the only food, and must be drawn from the tissues of a victim.More items…

What is the opposite of ingestion?

What is the opposite of ingest?avoidforgoshunceaseeschewforbearrelinquishkickneglectspurn10 more rows

What is a shearing?

verb (used with object), sheared, sheared or shorn, shear·ing. to cut (something). to remove by or as if by cutting or clipping with a sharp instrument: to shear wool from sheep. to cut or clip the hair, fleece, wool, etc., from: to shear sheep. to strip or deprive (usually followed by of): to shear someone of power.

How do you ingest something?

Ingestion is the consumption of a substance by an organism. In animals, it normally is accomplished by taking in a substance through the mouth into the gastrointestinal tract; such as through eating or drinking. In single-celled organisms ingestion takes place by absorbing a substance through the cell membrane.

Why does ingestion happen?

Ingestion – the taking in of food The presence of food in the mouth triggers a nervous reflex that causes the salivary glands to deliver a watery fluid called saliva to the mouth. The main organs of the human digestive system form a tube that runs from the mouth to the anus.

What is another word for inhalation?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inhalation, like: inhaling, breath, inspiration, breathing-in, inhalant, gasp, exhalation, puff, drag, aspiration and intake.

What is the difference between ingest and digest?

The main difference between ingestion and digestion is that ingestion is the taking of food into the body whereas digestion is the breakdown of food into small molecules that can be absorbed by the body. … Mechanical digestion and chemical digestion are the two types of digestions.

What comes first ingestion or digestion?

The act of eating or drinking is called ingestion. Through a four-stage process (ingestion, digestion, absorption, and elimination), your body takes what it needs from the foods you consume. After food enters the body through ingestion, the next stage of food processing, digestion, begins.

What does ingested mean?

: to take (something, such as food) into your body : to swallow (something) See the full definition for ingest in the English Language Learners Dictionary. ingest. transitive verb.

What does oral ingestion mean?

ingestion(Noun) the action of ingesting, or consuming something orally, whether it be food, drink, medicine, or other substance. It is usually referred to as the first step of digestion.

What is data ingest?

Data ingestion is the transportation of data from assorted sources to a storage medium where it can be accessed, used, and analyzed by an organization. The destination is typically a data warehouse, data mart, database, or a document store.