Question: Why Can’T I Download Windows Media Player?

Why can’t I download Windows Media Player?

Uninstall and Reinstall Windows Media Player Type control and click OK to open Control Panel.

After the restart, go to Control Panel > Uninstall Programs > Turn Windows Feature on/off.

Check “Windows Media Player” option and click OK.

Reboot the system, and that should resolve the error..

Can I Download Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Solaris.

Why my Windows Media Player is not working?

If Windows Media Player stopped working correctly after the latest updates from Windows Update, you can verify that the updates are the problem by using System Restore. … Select the Start button, and then type system restore. Select Create a restore point, and then in the System Properties pane, select System Restore.

How do I install Media Player on Windows 10?

How to install Windows Media PlayerOpen Settings.Click on Apps.Click on Apps & features.Click the manage optional features link. Apps & features settings.Click the Add a feature button. Manage optional features settings.Select Windows Media Player.Click the Install button. Install Windows Media Player on Windows 10.