Quick Answer: How Do I Delete My Discussion Post On Blackboard?

How do I start a discussion thread on blackboard?

How to Create a ThreadNavigate to your course Home Page.From the Course Menu, click Discussion Boards (Note: faculty must add a Tool link to the Course Menu), OR…From the Course Menu, click Tools and then click Discussion Boards.Select a Forum to open.Click Create Thread Entry.Enter a name for your Thread.More items…•.

How do I turn on Edit mode in Blackboard?

How do I use it?Start by clicking the Edit Mode OFF button in the upper right corner of the screen.The button will toggle to ON. When the Edit Mode is ON, contextual menus and other editing tools will be available to manage the content.

Can you delete a discussion post on canvas?

Each of your posts have a settings icon with edit and delete options. Click the Settings icon on the post you want to modify. To edit a post, click the Edit link. To delete a post, click the Delete link.

How do I delete my discussion post on Blackboard as a student?

Jump to the “Original” help on editing or deleting a post.On the main Discussions page, open a discussion you created to access the menu. … Select Delete to remove the discussion topic. … On the main Discussions page, you can delete a discussion you created if no one has responded. … Open the menu to access Edit and Delete.

Can you edit a discussion post on Blackboard as a student?

ULTRA: Delete discussion topics, responses, and replies Students can delete only their own discussions, responses, and replies. Students can’t edit their discussion titles after they create discussions. Open the menu for a response or reply to access the Edit and Delete functions.

Can a student delete a submission on blackboard?

Once a file has been successfully submitted to an assignments, you can’t delete it. However, if you have the ability to make another submission, re-submit the file and make sure to also contact your instructor and let them know that you are re-submitting a file to the assignment.

How do I reply to a discussion post on Blackboard?

Reply to a thread Open a thread inside a forum. On the thread’s page, you can view the text of the post and information, such as the author and posted date. All replies appear on the same page with the parent post. Point to the post to see options such as Reply, Quote, Edit, Delete, and Email Author.

What does collapse all mean on blackboard?

Select Collapse to minimize a post and increase the vertical screen space. If your instructor enabled the rate posts feature in a forum’s settings, Overall Rating displays the average rating for a post. When you point to the rating area, it changes to show Your Rating.

How do I recover unsaved blackboard?

Use the restore function in the recycle bin to easily restore your page.Navigate to the Site Manager.Select Recycle Bin. Deleted pages are displayed with the most recently deleted items listed first.Select Restore to restore deleted pages. Your page is restored and listed at the bottom of your page list.

How do I delete a post on a thread?

On the Discussions List page, click the context menu of the forum, topic, thread or post you want to delete and click Delete, Delete Thread, or Delete Post. To confirm the deletion, click Yes.

How do you post on a discussion board on Blackboard?

Creating Discussion Board ThreadsOn the Create Thread page, enter a Subject name.Enter an optional Message. If desired, format the message using the Text Editor.Blackboard provides two methods of attaching files. … Select Grade Thread, if desired and enter Points Possible.Click Save Draft to store a draft of the post or click Submit.

How do you respond to a discussion post?

Validate the post by sharing your experience and stating how it relates to the course material or to the initial post. Agree or disagree with the post and explain why you agree or disagree. Expand on your classmate’s post to demonstrate that you understand the topic.

How do you write a discussion post?

How to Write a Strong Discussion Post [INFOGRAPHIC]Do your homework. … Read prompts carefully. … Wake up your classmates with a strong argument or perspective. … Be relevant. … Bring something unique to the post. … Prepare your response in a text editor (like Word) before you post. … Leave participants wanting more.

How do you delete a thread?

How do I delete a message, a conversation or multiple…(Android)To delete an individual message: open the conversation thread, scroll to the message you wish to delete and long click on the text. … To delete an entire conversation thread: open the Inbox, scroll to the thread you wish to delete but do not click the thread.More items…•