Quick Answer: How Do I Reduce The Size Of My Database?

How long does a shrink database take?

1) Shrinking data files will not lock the database but user may experience slowness.

2) It depends on your CPU and Memory, But I think it should not take more than 30 mins..

How do I reduce the size of a SQL backup file?

In the SQL management studio, right-click your DB, TASKS – BACKUP, then in the window for the backup you’ll see it defaults to the ‘General’ page….In order to rectify this you need to:Take a transaction log backup. … Shrink the transaction log file down to an appropriate size for your needs.More items…•

Is it OK to shrink SQL database?

1 Answer. This is true that shrinking a database is not recommended. You can understand it like this when you shrink the database then it leads to increase in fragmentation now to reduce the fragmentation you try to rebuilt the index which will eventually lead to increase in your database size.

Is it OK to shrink transaction log?

Yes, it’s fine. It doesn’t affect any existing transactions, nor does it move any data around like database shrinking. Don’t shrink it right back though, because growing a log file takes effort.

Why shrinking database is bad?

The major problem with the Shrink operation is that it increases fragmentation of the database to very high value. Higher fragmentation reduces the performance of the database as reading from that particular table becomes very expensive. One of the ways to reduce the fragmentation is to rebuild index on the database.

Can you shrink database while in use?

It is not possible to perform SQL Server database shrinking while a database backup process is running, and vice-versa. A database cannot be shrunk indefinitely. When the database was initially created, the minimum size of a database has been specified and shrinking a database can not make it smaller than this value.