Quick Answer: Is Vedantu A Good App?

Which is better Vedantu or BYJU’s?

BYJU’S scored higher in 2 areas: Career Opportunities and Compensation & Benefits.

Vedantu scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Culture & Values, CEO Approval, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook..

Is Khan Academy better than BYJU’s?

The basic difference between the two is that Byjus is a paid learning service whereas Khan Academy is free. … Khan academy is much better than byjus, also quality education must be free for every child.

Is BYJU’s free?

Products and services. BYJU’S runs on a freemium model. Free access to content is limited to 15 days after the registration. Their main product is a mobile app named BYJU’S-The Learning App launched in August 2015.

How can I start my 11th class?

Refer to the NCERT books and understand the theory behind every concept and topic. Jot down the formulas for a chapter: understand them, what they mean, and practice their derivations. Remember the formulas by heart. Go through the solved problems to understand the steps to solve problems.

Is Vedantu app safe?

With several awards under its name, including the DNA Innovative Education Awards, which Vedantu won in 2016 for the ‘Best Organization to Develop Technology for Education” and more than 9 million happy students, Vedantu makes a safe platform for online learning.

How can I earn from Vedantu?

“Teacher partners” with Vedantu earn on average ₹ 20,000 a month and teach students from class 6 to 12. The salary depends on how many hours you teach, which class and syllabus you tutor and whether you’re comfortable teaching a group or an individual student. But you can’t choose the class to teach on your own.

What is the fee of Vedantu?

The cost of these subscriptions can vary from Rs 100 ($1.4) for students looking for sessions around a particular topic, to Rs 50,000 ($700) for long-term courses that focus on training students for undergraduate-level courses.

Is math harder than biology?

Math isn’t tougher than biology. They’re just different. They require different sets of mental skills.

Which app is free for study?

Learning is more fun with videos. myHomework is a simple, free & effective planner for students in any school.

Which app is best for online teaching?

Best Apps for Online TeachersGoogle Classroom. The almighty Google to rescue once again! … Instructables. Instructables walks teachers through thousands of DIY projects that can be included in lesson plans. … Evernote. We use Evernote almost daily. … Educreations. … Socrative. … Edmodo. … Kahoot. … Seesaw.More items…•

Do we need to pay for Vedantu?

Vedantu will collect the Course Fees from Students at the time of the enrolment request. … You as a Student agree to pay the Course Fees for any enrolment requested, in connection with your Vedantu Account.

Is Vedantu good for class 11?

Vedantu provides the edge: Come exam time, students will be well prepared to tackle all sorts of problems and also perform well with less stress. The Physics teacher for class 11 will also impart specific tricks and tips with which students can gain an edge and perform better.

Which learning app is best?

Best 10 Free Educational Apps for StudentsGoogle Classroom. In an educational institution, students are often required to complete and submit homework and assignments. … edX. … Khan Academy. … Duolingo. … Remind. … Photomath. … SoloLearn. … Quizlet.More items…

Which study is better online or offline?

With online training courses, you and the course attendees benefit from a more casual, flexible approach. Being unrestricted in regard to location and times means every learner can benefit from the courses. With offline learning, it’s easier to ensure attendees are paying attention to the training.

Is class 11 maths difficult?

It’ll be tough. But you’ll get through it with a lot lot lot of hard work. Compared to class 10th you will find it difficult.. But if you study it properly, its very interesting and not at all difficult 🙂 Yes CBSE class 11 and 12 maths is tough.

Is Vedantu a free learning app?

Every student will now get Free access to all our LIVE Online Classes & Premium Content for Grades 1-12, CBSE, ICSE, Boards, KVPY, NTSE, IIT JEE & NEET. Learn uninterrupted from the India’s Best Education App from the safety of your home for absolutely Free.

What is the fees of Vedantu app?

The application fee of INR 1150 will be paid online using net banking, debit card, demand draft, or credit cards.

What are the top 5 most used apps?

Take a look:Facebook. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Facebook tops the list of the most-downloaded apps of the decade.Facebook Messenger. Facebook chat was launched as a standalone app for iOS and Android in 2011. … WhatsApp Messenger. … Instagram. … Snapchat. … Skype. … TikTok. … UC Browser. … More items…•