Quick Answer: What Is The Best Type Of Hamster To Get?

What type of hamster is best for beginners?

Syrian hamstersSyrian hamsters are the best hamster breed for kids and make the perfect first pet.

Happy, friendly and larger in size, they are easier to handle and train.

Docile in nature, they tend not to nip so can be held by small or less experienced children..

What is the fastest type of hamster?

Roborovski hamsterRoborovski (aka Robo) Hamster If you’re looking for the smallest, fastest hamsters known to humankind, look no further than the Roborovski hamster! These long-named, little-bodied Robos may not tend to be as affectionate as the Syrian breed, but they certainly are adorable.

Do hamsters like to be petted?

The simple answer to the question, “Do hamsters like to be petted?” is yes, absolutely. Hamsters, like the vast majority of pets, crave and desire attention from their owners. … So yes, hamsters, in general, do like to be petted—yet not all the time, and not under all conditions.

Are boy or girl hamsters more friendly?

The National Hamster Council reports some of its breeders claim male hamsters are overall easier to handle and more friendly. Female hamsters generally tend to be more aggressive than the males, but the level of aggressiveness will vary by each individual animal.

Which type of hamster is the friendliest?

Syrian hamsterThe Syrian hamster is the friendliest hamster species towards humans. But if you’re looking for a hamster species that is friendly towards their owners and other hamsters the best choice is the Russian dwarf hamster.

Why does my new hamster bite me?

Biting is a defense mechanism. Hamsters bite because they’re scared or feel threatened. It’s actually a natural reaction, and stems from them being prey animals; they need a way to protect themselves.

Is hamster poop harmful to humans?

Hamsters can be wonderful pets, and overall, hamsters are relatively low-risk when it comes to diseases they can potentially transmit to humans. However, they can sometimes carry bacteria like Salmonella in their feces, and the virus that causes lymphocytic choriomeningitis, to name a couple.

Can hamsters bond with humans?

With proper socialization, however, not only will your hamster recognize you, he’ll bond with you. … According to Betsy Sikora Siino, hamsters bond with one to two people, which means that your hamster may tolerate guests and other family members, but he’ll only bond and recognize you and possibly one other person.

What’s better Syrian hamster or dwarf?

Syrian hamsters are the friendlier of the two hamster breeds. They have sweet personalities, are easy to handle, and rarely bite. Dwarf hamsters, meanwhile, are more easily startled and are more prone to nip. If you have small children, getting a Syrian hamster is probably the better choice.

What is the most calm hamster?

Despite the fact that hamsters vary greatly, Russian dwarf hamsters are often revered for their especially tame, gentle and calm behavioral patterns.

What does a hamster bite feel like?

It felt as if our hamster was nibbling at my finger which I didn’t feel much at first, but then the hamster bite felt like a sharp, clamp-like sensation at the end of my finger. After quickly retracting my finger out of his cage, I realised that the hamster’s teeth had punctured the skin and drew blood.

Does a hamster bite hurt?

It’s rare for a hamster to actually be aggressive, though, and they typically only bite when they get scared. Those tiny teeth may not do as much damage as those of other animals, but a bite will hurt and should be discouraged. Fortunately, you can gradually train your hamster to accept being handled and stop biting.

How do you pick a friendly hamster?

The best way to choose a hamster is to look both for a healthy one, but also a even-tempered hamster. Hamsters are skittish and jumpy by nature, but they should be relatively easy to tame, and not very afraid of you. It’s easier to find a healthy hamster than a calmer, cooperative hamster.

What should I look for when buying a hamster?

Take an opportunity to pick up the hamster and handle it for a few minutes. Look at the overall body condition—a hamster should be neither fat nor skinny, with no swellings. The hamster’s coat should be well groomed—that is, fluffy and smooth—with no bare patches where fur has been pulled out.

How often should I play with my hamster?

Daily Activity. Once your hamster feels comfortable with being held, be sure to hold him and play with him once a day. He’s a nocturnal animal, so he’ll probably want to play with you at night — approach him in the evening after he’s awakened.