Quick Answer: What Is The New Name For SCCM?

What is the future of SCCM?

Microsoft declared that co-management (using SCCM and Intune together on a single Windows 10 device) is a destination, and that SCCM has eternal life.

SCCM is going to have a new cloud-based management console in the form of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and SCCM is getting updates twice a year now..

How do I install Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

Install Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. Download Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection on SRV1 (download the executable file anywhere on SRV1), double-click the file, enter C:\configmgr for Unzip to folder, and click Unzip. The C:\configmgr directory will be automatically created.

Does SCCM require a license?

SCCM is a client-focused tool that provides centralized administration of software updates, software deployments, and more. SCCM requires at least two licenses to be compliant.

What is SCCM and how it works?

SCCM is the start of the life cycle that deploys a system’s operating system as well as installs the applications onto a server or client system, and then it keeps the system patched and updated all based on common templates the IT department creates to ensure standardization from system to system.

What is replacing SCCM?

A new service called “Microsoft Endpoint Manager” brings together System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and the Microsoft Intune mobile management service. Announced Monday at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Orlando, Fla., Microsoft Endpoint Manager is more than just a rebrand.

What is MECM?

MECM is an endpoint management service for Windows machines that provides inventory, software distribution, settings, and security management.

What is the difference between Azure and Intune?

Speaking of Azure Active Directory Azure Active Directory lets you easily domain-join and manage Windows 10 devices. Together with Intune, Active Directory lets you restrict data privileges, and even restrict and monitor network access using a conditional access feature.

How do I find my SCCM license key?

Get your license key The license key can be found in your Volume License Service Center website. Simply search for the correct ConfigMgr version and select it, then click on Key to get your key.

How much is SCCM?

The Standard management license (ML) has a list price of $1,323 that licenses two Operating System Environments (OSEs). The Datacenter ML price is $3,607 for unlimited OSEs per two physical processor sockets.

Is SCCM phased out?

NO! SCCM is not dead! Microsoft is NOT planning to reduce investments in SCCM development. SCCM development team in Redmond is developing the product with much more passion to help the SCCM customers.

How is SCCM licensed?

System Center server management licensing is based on the number of physical cores on the servers under management, consistent with the Windows Server model. Consistent licensing model for server management and client management, respectively.

What is the latest version of SCCM?

HistorySystem Center Configuration Manager 1810, released December 2018.System Center Configuration Manager 1902, released March 2019.System Center Configuration Manager 1906, released July 2019.Endpoint Configuration Manager 1910, released December 2019.Endpoint Configuration Manager 2002, released April 2020.More items…

Does intune include SCCM?

Configuration Manager is included in the following plans: Intune user subscription license (USL) EMS E3. EMS E5.

What is Memcm?

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM) SCCM and Intune are part of Microsoft End Point Manager.

Will SCCM be replaced with Intune?

As of now, Intune does not provide the same management capabilities as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Yet, some organizations are looking to replace SCCM in favor of Intune’s simplified, cloud-based architecture.

Will SCCM be replaced?

System Center isn’t going away, but Microsoft Endpoint Manager will make office PCs faster. A new name should make Microsoft’s strategy for managing PCs through Config Manager and Intune clearer, but IT teams should take the opportunity to clear out old Group Policy and reduce the number of agents on PCs.

What is the difference between SCCM and Intune?

Windows Server can be managed, while Intune only supports Windows Client systems. SCCM can be used to manage systems without Internet connection. Administrators decide which changes to the SCCM environment are implemented.

Why we use SCCM?

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a Windows product that enables the management, deployment and security of devices and applications across an enterprise. Amongst other potential uses, administrators will commonly use SCCM for endpoint protection, patch management and software distribution.