What Do You Mean By Organizational Development?

What is organizational development examples?

A few examples of interventions include team building, coaching, Large Group Interventions, mentoring, performance appraisal, downsizing, TQM, and leadership development..

What is organizational development and why is it important?

OD is the practice of planned, systemic change in the beliefs, attitudes and values of employees for individual and company growth. The purpose of OD is to enable an organization to better respond and adapt to industry/market changes and technological advances.

What is organizational development theory?

Organizational development theory is dedicated to expanding the working knowledge of individuals to enhance and to make more effective organizational performance and change. … It also means understanding the essentials of an organization’s cultural elements.

What is the role of organizational development?

Promotes and Manages Growth. Another role of organizational development is as an important tool in managing and planning corporate growth. You can achieve this through an organizational development analysis that brings together sales projections and customer demand to help determine the rate of your company’s growth.

What are the steps of organizational development?

5 Phases of Organization DevelopmentEntry and contracting. Authenticity, presence and empathy are the vital components of the entry process. … Sensing and discovery. … Diagnosis and feedback. … Planning interventions and action. … Evaluation and closure.