What Does BDV Stand For?

What is LV and HV?

Low Voltage (LV) is a voltage range that carries a low risk of injury and is commonly under 100V.

High Voltage (HV) on the other hand is defined as anything above 100V that can potentially cause harm..

Is 11kv High Voltage?

Cable Specification: 11KV (Medium Voltage), 22KV (Medium Voltage), 33KV (High Voltage) manufactured to BS7835. … High Voltage Cable- 33KV is suitable for use in power networks, wind farms and can be surface mounted, installed underground and in cable ducting.

What is the difference between HV and LV cables?

What is the difference between high voltage cables and low voltage cable conductor. For materials, the low voltage cable can use copper or aluminum for conductor, high voltage cable copper conductor is more, in addition to the overhead lines (steel core aluminum stranded wire, etc.);

What does PVE mean in DAYZ?

Player v Environmentpve means Player v Environment….pvp means player v player.

What does PVE mean in lol?

Player Versus EnvironmentPVE is an abbreviation used in online gaming with the meaning “Player Versus Environment”. … Many games are a mix of PVE and PVP.

What’s the difference between PVE and PVP?

PVE stands for ‘Player vs. Environment”, while PVP stands for ‘Player vs. Player’. … In PVP worlds, players still work against the same types of NPC combatants and encounters that PVE players do, but are also subject to attack from other players anywhere in the open world.

What is HV stand for?

HVHigh Voltage Academic & Science » Electronics — and more…Rate it:HVHigh Velocity Governmental » Military — and more…Rate it:HVHigh Viscosity Academic & Science » ChemistryRate it:HVHeating Value Miscellaneous » Unit MeasuresRate it:HVHyperventilation Medical » PhysiologyRate it:20 more rows

What does Rotw stand for?

ROTWAcronymDefinitionROTWRest Of The WorldROTWRhythms of the World (UK music festival)ROTWRemain on the Way (band)ROTWRim of the World16 more rows

What PVE stands for?

player vs environmentPvE, player vs environment (also known as player versus monster, or PvM in some communities), is a term used for both single player and online games, particularly MMORPGs, CORPGs, MUDs, other online role-playing video games and survival games to refer to fighting computer-controlled enemies—in contrast to PvP (player …

What does HV mean in a text?

have havehave. have is used in Texting. The word hv is used in Texting meaning have.

How many volts is dangerous?

The human body has an inherent high resistance to electric current, which means without sufficient voltage a dangerous amount of current cannot flow through the body and cause injury or death. As a rough rule of thumb, more than fifty volts is sufficient to drive a potentially lethal current through the body.