What Does Origin Head Mean?

What is remote origin head?

remotes/origin/HEAD is the branch currently checked out in the ‘origin’ repository.

Which means if you clone that repository, by default that branch will be checked out.


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If I would get you correctly – remotes/origin/HEAD points to remotes/origin/master branch..

What is head -> Master?

The simple answer is that HEAD is a pointer/label to the most recent commit of the branch you are currently on. master is the default branch created when you initialized a git repository (e.g. git init ). You can delete the master branch (e.g. git branch -D master ). You cannot delete the HEAD pointer.

What is head commit?

HEAD refers to the current commit that your working copy points to, i.e. the commit you currently have checked-out. … The file refs/heads/master contains the hash of the most recent commit on the master branch. The result is HEAD points to the master branch commit from the . git/refs/heads/master file.

What is git rebase?

What is git rebase? Rebasing is the process of moving or combining a sequence of commits to a new base commit. Rebasing is most useful and easily visualized in the context of a feature branching workflow.

How do you push origin master?

git push origin master will push your changes to the remote server. “master” refers to master branch in your repository. If you want to push your changes to any other branch (say test-branch), you can do it by: git push origin test-branch. This will push your code to origin of test-branch in your repository.

What is git rebase origin master?

git rebase -i origin/master is the interactive version which allows you to do things such as squashing commits.

What does head detached at origin mean?

HEAD detached from origin/master. it means that the commits you are making do not belong to a branch.

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What is head and origin in git?

HEAD: the current commit your repo is on. … origin: the default name that git gives to your main remote repo. Your box has its own repo, and you most likely push out to some remote repo that you and all your coworkers push to. That remote repo is almost always called origin, but it doesn’t have to be.

What is remotes origin master?

remotes/origin/master is a branch named master on the remote named origin . You can refer to this as either origin/master , as in: git diff origin/master..master. You can also refer to it as remotes/origin/master : git diff remotes/origin/master..master.

What is Origin branch in git?

origin/master is the master branch of that repository, which (by default) your local master branch will track. See the ProGit book and Working with Remotes. Origin usually refers to the git repository that you cloned from. to fetch changes from the original repo.

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What does it mean head detached?

Detached HEAD means that it is not attached to any branch, i.e. it points directly to some commit. … If it points to a commit directly, the HEAD is detached. If it points to a commit indirectly, (i.e. it points to a branch, which in turn points to a commit), the HEAD is attached.

How do I leave a detached head state?

to get out of detached HEAD state. Generally speaking: git checkout will get you out of that. This also tries to check out your last checked out branch. Use git reflog to find the hashes of previously checked out commits.

What is Origin head?

If “origin” is a remote repository, then origin/HEAD identifies the default branch on that remote repository. … There’s always a HEAD that points to the currently checked out branch on the remote repo (which may or may not be master). Even remote repositories have current branches.

What does head mean in git?

The HEAD points out the last commit in the current checkout branch. It is like a pointer to any reference. The HEAD can be understood as the “current branch.” When you switch branches with ‘checkout,’ the HEAD is transferred to the new branch.

What is origin in git push?

In Git, “origin” is a shorthand name for the remote repository that a project was originally cloned from. More precisely, it is used instead of that original repository’s URL – and thereby makes referencing much easier.

How do you get the origin master?

git pull origin master will pull changes from the origin remote, master branch and merge them to the local checked-out branch. git pull origin/master will pull changes from the locally stored branch origin/master and merge that to the local checked-out branch.

What does deleting a branch immediately do?

Branches are just pointers to commits in git. … If the branch is deleted without being merged into another branch then the commits in that branch (up until the point where the forked from a commit that is still reachable) will cease to be visible.

How do you rebase?

From merge to rebaseCreate a new “feature” branch called `my-new-feature` from a base branch, such as `master` or `develop`Do some work and commit the changes to the feature branch.Push the feature branch to the centralized shared repo.Open a new Pull Request for `my-new-feature`More items…•

What is the difference between origin head and origin master?

The simple answer is that HEAD is a pointer/label to the most recent commit of the branch you are currently on. master is the default branch created when you initialized a git repository (e.g. git init ). You can delete the master branch (e.g. git branch -D master ). You cannot delete the HEAD pointer.